Thursday, April 22, 2010

Another exciting Spring Day

Here it is almost the end of April 2010... time flies when you're having fun :-)
I've been getting things in order around here and picked up some old sketches... 6x8's ... and added a few touches to make them fit the new scenery. I like this valley..... about 500 feet higher than where I was before and that makes a difference.  You saw yesterday's post with tah storm brewing... well it landed down here last night and this morning there was several inches of very wet heavy snow..... just like in New York and New England. Very rare for here and an interesting change. .... and check it out... usually our Spring storms are gone by noon....... it's still there and the afternoon is almost gone. I gave you a glimpse of looking out the window before I stepped out onto the deck. Heh, heh... there are the chickens... when they hear the door they all come a runnin'. Pets can bring a measure of happiness... even chickens.
Apparently there are certain lifestyles that aid long life..... David Bruettner has traveled around the world for the past 5 years investigating those folks who live longest. I'm sure he hasn't hit them all yet but he does have interesting stories to tell. Check out his article in the National Geographic
He lists 9 secrets to a long styles these folks live by.... you probably know some of them... yup... happiness is one of them ... make yourself happy ..... Abe Lincoln said you are going to be about as happy as you want to be. Ya know... old Abe was right. Smile and be happy today.... shake off some of that stress ... go for a walk.

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