Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Night of the Full Moon

I bundled up in warm winter clothes as I prepared to feed the chickens .... it was still snowing out there... a lovely evening as far as I'm concerned. The chickens paid no attention to the weather.... they plowed right thru the snow and met me at the gate. Nice to have friends :-)

So tonight was full moon .... dogs howl; roosters crow; all sorts of things happen on full moon nights ... so I'm told.    Actually not much happening tonight because we are having one of our deepest snow storms of this year so far.... so here are some fotos.... maybe you think you saw them already.... however, it was very refreshing to be out there ..... and I got to see lots of quail tracks all over the place.... and these are fresh fotos from a few minutes ago.... howray for digital cameras
You have a good full moon

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