Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thru the door

A very fitting wakeup call for the last day of March .... what was that old saying?... "March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb"? heh heh ... I don't think so this time...
It's ok, tho.... just ol' man Winter taking his last blow at us. We like this light weight snow. It's refreshing.... always will be ... I hope I can get out there and shovel it when I'm 95 :-)
....... but then there is nothing like the signs of Spring pushing thru .... I remember years gone by when this time of year gave us the sights and smells of Spring so I have included some pictures taken this time of year in the past .... now ain't that great? I love those Spring flowers.

Earlier today I took the short walk down to visit the chickens. there was several inches of snow on the ground and still falling so I made a trail of footprints across the field to the chicken coop. I could hear them talking as I approached and joined in the conversation. I heard music helps them to enjoy the day but I did not sing to them... I really want them to keep on laying :-)
After giving them the table scraps and cleaning up their water I picked up 3 eggs and added more footprints to the trail as I headed back up to the cabin. They all looked and sounded happy as their voices faded off in the distance.
The snow had piled up a few inches on the porch so I pushed it off then slipped back thru the door into the warm, cosy cabin. After leaving my wet boots just inside the door and the jacket hanging in the closet it seemed like time to have some eggs and toast then get to work on that stack of papers while I dreamed of some of the early Spring days of the past.
Remembering the good times is always better.

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