Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Guests for Breakfast

We never know who will show up for breakfast over here ..... a couple of Canadian honkers today. I like those gueese even if they did not let me get too close. The chickens generally get fed twice a day and I let them roam around the pasture all day to pick and scratch all they want. When I get into town I stop at Save Mart and pick up a bag of food for them from the produce department. they are very kind there and generally have have a bag or box for me. We never know what's going to be in there either. Somedays it is mostly lettuce.... today it was lettuce and lost of other things. The chickens shared with me today :-)
It's a lot better than the old days of dumpster diving :-) ..... yea... all those fruit and veggies came with the lettuce leaves today... I ate some... the ladies got some......

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