Monday, September 21, 2009

Unocchio visits friends

Once upon a time Unocchio and the lovely Carol Tonascia took a long, long trip to the outback country of Nevada ending up as guests of Ron Bommarito for a Friday night wedding dinner. The feast was held at the very cool vintage Bommarito residence in Eurika, Nevada.

Greeting us at the door was Jeeves the butler. There was running water but no electricity. Lights for the festival were oil lamps and candles.

As you stroll thru the pictures following,  Jeeves will gfve you a guided tour of the house....... all vintage, pituresque and charming. A person my age felt right at home here..... like a time trip into the past.

At the end of the tour wyou will find our charming host and hostess and finally a picture of us, just to let you know we were really there.

after a final visit to the outhouse we retired for the night to our motel down the street.

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