Saturday, September 26, 2009

Unocchio Rumbles on

Well maybe I'm not really rumbling on... maybe kinda sliding by.... but I'm making some headway. Sold some tools today and some good wood. The first guys get to pick out the best :-)

The Woodmaster tool has been cleaned up and photographed for craigslist... some of the assessories have been sold and more room is showing up in the shop....ahhhhh...headway

The 15" planner is now parked near the door ready to go....sold

The front porch is temporary home to autoparts .... a foto session had taken place already... now we have to dust off the remainder and shoot them for craigs list ......... if few responses come in next week I move thme to another craigslist location .... if that doesn't work I will try to peddle them to used car dealers and auto repair shops ..... and maybe the world famous Daytona flee market

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