Monday, September 28, 2009

Unocchio Digs for Gold

The project moves on today with a look into the 3rd floor attic ... high in the sky.... with a marvelous lake view that moves the heart and soul. I'll take you along ...........

but Unocchio says
1. The CHD will collect and store shit according the to space available... and if that space fills he will squash it all down and fill it again
2. To the /CHD true treasures and shit all look the same
3. If you are throwing away the CHD treasures you might as well rip his heart out
4. For the CHD to actually change his ways is an earth shaking event of the greatest magnitude
5. The prez ought to award the CHD a special Congressional Badge of Honor when he changes and gets rid of all that shit .... it could be"The Congression Badge of Honor for dumping Shit" .... OK.. maybe not... then he'd have to award it to all of Congress because they are continually dumoing shit on us

OK..... follow me on today's big venture.................
To begin it is about 84 in Crescent City today.... now that may not seem bad to you but go up three flights and craw into the attic under the tin roof and...... you get the picture.
I work in short bursts down here.. that's about all I can take. I start out lickity split full of energy and pazazz but then after an hour... sometimes a little more.... I buzz off and head for the one room in the house that has aircon... pathetic..... but it still takes a while for the sweat to stop pouring.
Sweating is good :-)

We're down on the ground in the driveway ..... that's where we're going .... dang, it looks a long ways up there... sure want to be careful so I doin't come down the fast way... I wonder if it would seem like only half as fast if I can see out of only one eye :-)

I usually go barefoot down here but I think I'll wear shoes for this job so it's back up to the apartment.
From there we'll go out the back door and around the porch.. hang on

OK.... see the end of the banister and rail.... that's where we jump on to the roof and make our way to the top and then up the ladder .... walk carefully and try to stay on the ridges

After carefully inspecting the situation it looks the same from both sides.... just got to grab 'em and git goin'
At the top of the ladder let's peak in the door

Holy shit... look at all that stuff... I think it has multiplied since the last time I was up here!

OK... the West side isn't that bad... looks organized in fact. I wonder what all that stuff is...must be extremely valuable!

Hmmmmm... the East side isn't so bad either... heh heh.... and look at that.. the boxes are labeled.

Now I see... most of it is near the door..... I was preparing to move it out.... maybe I did that in my sleep... who knows

Now we're making progress... from storing it out of sitght in the attic to storing it in sight on the upper deck so the whole damn neighbor hood can see it .... but it is closer to the trash can now. Hmmmm I wonder what that box is..... well tang if it isnt the Calvert School stuff...... someone wrote on the box... do not throw away..... and it looks like a kid's writing.... must be some valuable shit in there.

That's it for today... I am bushed and sweating..... time for a piece of southern fried chicken and a beer...and maybe a short nap
See ya

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