Friday, September 4, 2009

In the Country

Most of the time we were somewhere in the country ... Mike's property is on a hilltop out of town and in the county. When you are rural folks everything that needs to be done means a trip.

When there is a trip happening I'm there with the camera..... we shoot out of the window of a moving car all the time..... you didn't think I would bail out the door every time a good shot came along, now did you?
Willy and I love barns ... so this blog is dedicated to my friend Wilson Bicket .... go check out his website
I might lean way out the window to get a good barn shot ... then again I might just sit comfortably by the air conditioner and shoot thru every window available ... you can see that a pole running past got into the picture on that last one.
There are more barns and old buildings around the neighborhood ... maybe I'll do another entry on this topic again.
We must look at these old relics now because each year see more and more of them disappear.

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  1. Uh oh!! You're getting me into "old barn" mode again! I can feel another one comin' on! Great photos, by the way.