Friday, September 25, 2009


Oh yes .... I like this
It is move it out time and I'm having lots of fun selling stuff and snoopinng into all the hoarded items here in Crescent City. Much of this stuff I haven't seen in years but it all comes back as I dig thru the treasures....... well maybe treasures to someone.. I'm not sure who that is tho.
Here are some of the old bottles.... just worthless old junk... some of them were nnew since I've been here but now they are old because I have been here so long .... dang ...... maybe I'm gettin' old too.... but I climbed up into the attic today to show the air-con man around. the house is being measured up for new electrical, air con, insulation, and lots of other good thing. This will be a great house soon..... oh yea... a new roof is also being figured in (even tho hermits like me might have made the existing roof last another 20 years). the new one will look lots better.

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