Thursday, February 25, 2010


Yesterday was the transition day between a winter storm and a beautiful sunny day ... today. today was one of those days in the high 50's but in Nevada it felt like the 60's. What a beautiful day! Blue skies and sunshine. I wanted to go hiking of plein air painting but there were a couple appointments scheduled so it was off to work. Naturally if I was going to spend all that time going into town there was some swhopping to do ... the larder was nearly empty. The day went well and I made it home in mid-afternoon in time to begin a hot meal for dinner. I have not prepared a hot meal in 3 months..... thanks to Zabrina, Ben, Annie, Baron and Kristi I deid get a few hot meals along the way. :-)
Tonight it was one of the winter favorites.... beef stew. It's easy to overeat  when served home-made beef stew and Winter-Fest brew..... but I held back (I think) :-)
Yesterday I did get out for a walk. Went north this time. Lots of new things to see and new neighbors to meet. Well, the only neighbor I met is pictured below. He was friendly enough.
Notice how some of the clouds hung low over the mountain tops. they were all gone by today. I gave you a couple higher views... put on the telephoto lens. Always interesting to see what going on up there.... even if it's nothing. Lots of things to paint out here. I can't wait to get started.
Tomorrow is the monthly meeting of CVAA... Carson Valley Art Association. Looks like the weather is expected to be OK so I'm going to be there. Also combined will be a stop at the post office, bank, Raley's and the storage shed...... hey, going to town might as well make the most of it.

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