Sunday, February 21, 2010

This is great!

There is nothing new about snow here in Washoe Valley...... errrr.... Thunder Canyon, home of the Mangifagioli ....... but this is the first one since I moved in. Looks like I moved in just in the nick of time.... it would have been tough moving those boxes in this storm..... and sorting out the shed,,ugh.   Looks like we got about 4 inches ... some parts of Reno got about 2 f,t I'm told ... I won't be going up to see it. Carson Valley got ................ that's ok. The storm is moving south so they may get a little within the next few days. I did a little bit of shoveling this morning. It's fun to do a little shoveling of powdery light snow.
I waited until about 7:30-8 to get out there. Isn't it great to treck thru the fresh snow.... and really nice to be able to go back inside and stay warm and dry. Today I am especially glad not to be living in a cardboard or tin box :-)
I'll be waiting to get out and take some pix of the new fallen snow when the sun shines again... maybe tomorrow.

These 2 shots are when I first opened the door .... not a footprint yet.

I walked around in the fresh snow making footprints before I shoveled .... no snow angels tho

Rocks always look interesting with a snow cap

These rocks kind line the driveway

There's a one-eye view of the van covered with it's first snow

Another one-eye view from the porch

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