Monday, February 22, 2010

The Snow, The Fog, the Beauty of it all

Today was a beautiful day. We had expected snow and it showed up right on schedule. Reno got 1 1/2 ft  at least... some say 2 ft. We got a few inches here yesterday and a few more last night......then the clouds sank down into the valley creating the mysterious glow from the sun.
Highway 395 had thick fog and serious accidents so the southbound traffic was rerouted down OLS Highway 395... there it is, crawling along at a snail's pace thru the thick soup.

As the morning progressed the fog began to lift and we could gaze at the magnificent High Sierras once more.

Not only did the fog drop in from above but the heat from the highway added a little steam of it's own

The water fall continued to flo thru it all... still, it looked cold to me. The pond was very still and the reflections bright

There were quite a few geese flying around today with an occasional landing taking place

Finally back to the cabin all tucked in amoung the sparkling trees

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