Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Finally... a sunny day

Today was the day I was scheduled for surgery... however... I flaked out on them.... called yesterday and cancelled... too many unanswered questions. Maybe I'll be better prepared next time.
Finally we got some sunshine in Sonoma County. I love the sunshine. A walk in the country while the sun shines is really good for me. That's one thing I love about Nevada... so much sunshine all year. Tomorrow we are expecting a break in the weather (as today) and I am hoping to get over the hill..... never did like chaining up when crossing the High Sierras .... hoping to slip thru tomorrow
Enjoy the pictures from my walk .... it can't be a wonderful as actually being there but better than nothing....
oh yeh... AnnaLee's cat, Blu. Had to put him in here :-)

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  1. We missed your stuff. Glad to see you are OK. WHAT SURGERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????