Sunday, February 28, 2010

Takin' a break on the last day of Feb 2010

I got up about 6:30 this morning and went right to work. It was a beautiful morning.... in fact last night was beautiful also... seemed bright enough to be a full moon out there .... I peered out the window... I wanted to see Mars right up there near the moon ... but it was too cloudy... the moon shown thru but it was like a silvery haze... couldn't see a star or planet in the sky.... but a beautiful bright glowing moon shinging right on thru....then today it was a bright sunny day with a few floaters dancing around the sky.... nevertheless... I sat here clicking away at the keyboard trying to get some of the stacks of papers processed. Somewhere about 2 my ass just got too sore on this oak chair so I took off out the door. An exercise break is always helpful...yeh

Canadian and proud of it. He was out there... right around the corner... at the edge of the pond on the golf course. Didn't seem to mind too much if I came close. Nice friendly neighbors... that's the kind I like.

This is where I walk and run... soooo inspiring.
Pretty nice back yards here.... look at that view.... rain and snow, then blue skies the next day ... why do we love Nevada

there are some friendly neighbors here... they all seem to like me ... makes me feel right at home ... there may be some people around here too... I just don't see much of them

Well, they are way over there and I'm here... couldn't hear me if I hollered... nice house!

Just the sound of the rushing water was worth the treck over here. I love water falls

One day I'll go closer and paint that barn... and get some pictures for Willie

OK...OK... so everyone doesn't really give a hoot if I stop by

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