Friday, November 13, 2009

On the Road Again,,,, well not exactly

My target date to roll outta here was Wednesday ... however
there was a recent storm over the Gulf of Mexico... a hurricane which started to fizzle and was downgraded to a tropical storm....
driving on a southern freeway in a tropical storm is not a piece of cake .... exhausting...stressful.....very dangerous............ so I opted out.
It was time to stick around for a day or 2 and watch what was happening with that storm and exactly where it was going.
It cleared up.
Now it is about 48 at night and 75 during the days... blue skies and warm days ... it is very lovely in Florida right now. not the time to have to leave.
By this time I had revised my packing and was involed with another intense session of cleaning an moving. The job has become very demanding.... I am learning how to sort and toss... it is a lot easier now. actually contacted St Vincent de Paul yesterday making plans to get rid of lots of stuff.
You won't believe the truck .... no picture here's dark out there at this moment...... but that thing is full up to at least 3 feet deep..front to back except the cab (and there are a few things there now with more planned). I have been revising the load. I think I am about finished except for some last minute items. .... some of them may not make it.... this will be a verrry interesting trip for Unocchio.
Alas, the trip has been delayed again.
Tomorrow I fly to Reno in response to a call for help. It is always my pleasure to help when I can. It never hurts to place someone else's needs above my own ....I have been doing that for a long time... it is one of the immeasurable pleasures of life..... bringing personal pleasure and happiness. The key to happiness may be very subjective, however, there are certain basic keys......  giving, sharing and going beyond the call of duty  is a vital part of's part of being self-less.. . I love working and I love helping those in need whether on the job or otherwise.
Next Thursday I will return to Florida, spend a couple days in preparation then hit the road.
Stay turned

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