Sunday, November 29, 2009

Unocchio goes to the Farmers Market

At 86 degrees with a blue sky it was a perfect day for the Farmer's Market in Scotsdale AZ. It was our pleasure and delight to be able to go there and meet the fine vendors and the customers browsing throughout. Families came with their dogs and cats (one person actually brought the cats in a specially made stroller for 2 cats). Geezers and young folks strolled about. there was not a gloomy face to be found. The main anchor, a produce vendor was not there today... but the second main attraction was there ... that was Ben Hershberger and his very special breads.
Overall this was probably the best Farmers Market I have attended ... more organic...more fresh foods... more special crafted foods from locals.... some of the best ice cream I ever tasted...there were even a couple of live pigmy goats there.
For those who have never been to downtown Old Scotsdale Az I have included a couple fotos. What a very interesting old town. It is now in the middle of a large city.... but in former days we had a truely Western Town out in the desert with all the charm of the Spanish and Mexican influence.

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