Sunday, November 8, 2009

Books Books and More Books

Today is the Sunday when the Sprage House Inn has their famous Sunday Brunch for $10.95 ... a big hit in these parts. enjoy a home cooked brunch at a price you can afford. Actually the Sprague House is a bargain place... Rooms from $ 79 including a full custom breakfast. They always invite this neighbor as a guest.... how nice!

The brunch runs from 10 to one... I go at one so that I can eat with the proprietors. Good food, good conversation, friendly atmosphere.

As I prepare this post I have the "Prairie Home Companion" playing on the internet. This is one of the good things about the net .... there is so much available. I remember listening to the "Prairie Home
Companion" many, many, many, years ago. It never changes.... always delightful.

I can't sit around all morning with all this work to do so I get up early and get busy...... probably 6 am this morning..... got busy right away packing boxes inside with the lights on. As soon as it got light outside I start loading the pickup truck. Tomorrow, Monday, I am going to Ocala, Fl to meet a client, deliver books to the library and deliver easels and supplies to the local art club.

Of all the books I had accumulated, some I sold; a bunch I loaded in my trailer (probably more than some folks think I should have but nevertheless I couldn't part with them yet); a lady and her son - you saw them on yesterday's post - took 10 boxes (a very good thing); the remainder go to the library. Am I maxed out on the pickup.... look at how it is tipped back.... good thing I did not try to load it and pull the trailer.... I think I was in for some trouble. I filled the back mainly with boxes of books ans then added a few easels.

If you zoom in on this you will see it is a full load. From the way the truck tipped back you saw the weight was maxed out. I keep in shap by moving books. Gathered them from all points in the house. boxed them...carried them to the upper deck (no room on the lower deck and they needed to be removed from inside the house... then I stacked the boxes twice...finally I carried them down to the truck. I even surprised myself that I am able to work this hard and move this much weight. Notice that even the cab is loaded with stuff... that is the load of art books and supplies for the art club. I'm glad to be able to help someone else get started.Did I mention that there are more books than would fit into the pickup?
There is what is left.. probably another 400 pounds. Nother trip to the library?... sure looks like it,

It's about 10:43 am now... still time for me to get lots done before time for showering up for the brunch.
You have a good day....... and the very best to you all.

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