Saturday, November 7, 2009

Continuing saga of moving

The ordeal of cleaning out the place is almost over. Part of it is very enjoyable; selling what I can; moving things from here to there; chatting with folks who stop by just to snoop and helping some of the neighbors load up equipment and lumber purchases.
Many times I am busy packing and sorting and let folks just poke away at all the stuff . Every day there are new things out there in front of the house because every day I get to another nook and cranny of the house and find more... whew!  The scene changes daily.

Today Dea Anna and her son stopped by to browse thru the books and other things. She was here the other day and picked up a few items. Her son was a little bored so I let him check out my web site since he has a great interest in art..... mom continued to browse thru the boxes and boxes of books. I think she took about 10 boxes of books. they live out in the country on a couple acres ... have no TV or cable. They read and draw and make things. this was the place for them to come.It took Dea Anna and her son a while to carefully place all the boxes and things in the care so that they would squeeze in there.
In the mean time I carefully squeezed a few things in my trailer..... take a look.
The truck arrives Monday. I am stacking things in the main room of the house to load in the truck.
It is now much easier to sell, give away and throw away things. Even some of my 40 year old clothes are going away. Heh Heh. that will certainly make some of the kids very happy. :-)  We are still on target and on schedule. Keep your fingers crossed. That bright colored object on the top is an antique Swiss hand-carved music box chair wrapped in a foam matress... just couldn't leave it.

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