Friday, February 4, 2011

A time for everything

Make haste slowly. -Suetonius
Slow down an live a little today ..... now-a-days it's "get a life" ha ha ... we all have a life... it going on right at this moment .... however, for some folks it does not seem to be exactly what they thought it would be.

This week at the Portrait Society of Reno we painted Ed the coffee house man.

Ed. the coffee house man 9x12 Oil on canvas board

Pictoral review of the Senic Nevada Gallery Portrait Society of Reno Show open house

Reno Art Museum

Refreshments were served ... there was a function over at the museum the night of our open house so lots of those folks came over for refreshments and to see the show

There was a constant flow of happy people

Some of the models showed up

another model

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