Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ed from the coffee shop

But I suppose experience of life will in time teach you that tact is a very essential ingredient in all things. Jennie Jerome Churchill

some people never learn that  ....... and then, I suppose, it is forgotten by some of those who become grumpy old folks ... heh heh ..... no need to be grumpy ... it changes nothing... it helps nothing ... smile and go walk on the beach or something.

This is a continuation of the project of monochromatic quick oil paintings at the Portrait Society of Reno on Wednesdays.... sometimes they are not as quick as other times .... and I have not got the hang of gesture painting yet..... but we keep on trying. I did do 3 "quick" paintings last Wednesday ... this is number 2.

Ed from the coffee shop  9x12 oil on canvas board

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