Friday, February 18, 2011

Do we talk too much?

Two great talkers will not travel far together.— George Borrow
heh heh ... I wonder why that is... that is a truism for 2 who talk a lot  even tho they may not be great talkers.... we might even know someone who falls into that catagory :-)

Keep your goals in mind today .... and remember what success really is
living well, laughing often and loving much.... whatever it is you think you must do today ... live well, laugh much, love a lot.
Paperwork always has consumed too much time to justify it's value.... were we better off prior to paper?  ... hardly ... but all things must be kept in moderation .... hey, would someone please tell that to those fools in Washington DC :-)

What if you could just ride around the wide open spaces ... gaze at the magnificent views... eat fresh food harvested ripe .... suck in the fresh air and bask in the sunshine .....  I offer an impressionistic idea of that below.

You may not realize it but we got nearly 2 feet of snow here in the past day or so and it's still snowing ...I carried the garbage down to the highway ... no K, it was not up to my waste and I was not barefoot ... I was bundled up well and enjoyed the walk ... I am thankful that I have a warm dry place to come back to .... touring the countryside on horseback and living in a tent might not be all that comfy... thanks anyway.

oil on canvas pad 7x12

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