Tuesday, January 18, 2011

When one has a goal

Living a life is much like climbing mountains - the summits are always further off than you think, but when a man has a goal, he always feels he's working toward something. - The Lonely Man

Look around you .... praise those who try even if they did not at first succeed .... trying is the first step to success ... a little praise and encouragement will help them reach their goals.

While out walking or biking I generally take pictures ... looking back thru the archives transports me to other places and times .... then I am inspired to paint those places. This is right down the road a piece ... I did not have to return there today to paint ... I used the foto.
Take a few more fotos.... they help jog the memory ... you may appreciate that a little more after you pile on many more years :-)

Oil on canvas pad 5x7

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