Saturday, January 1, 2011

1 Jan 2011

Greetings on 1 Jan 2011 ... my oh my how time do fly :-)
Hardly seems like a year could fly by so fast.... had a nice peaceful New Year's eve here... hope yours went well what ever you did.
The 10-day weather forcast said we would have some snow today.... they were right .... I thought it would be a light dusting like last week... heh heh ... a little more than a light dusting..... but it was beatiful, as usual.
Now they tell us that we may have snow for a few more days :-) ..... nice. ... and it is very cold out there so we won't have the quick melt off .... ok with me ... Jim came by and shovelled off the deck ... normally I wait for the sun to do the job. 
I did get out in the storm a little .... it's fun out in a storm ... that is as long as I get in before anything turns blue.
In a storm everything is grey of some sort... depends on what is reflecting. I spotted a pickup stopping at a stop sign .... this tells it like it was ... slick, tough going for anyone out there. This is a small knife sketch.... no brushes, just take a knife and smear the paint on the canvas.
You have a good year... think of all the good things that you made happen last year ... then plan some good things for this year...
Stay warm, dry and happy.

Oil on canvas pad 5x7 knife

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  1. You are so very talented, to know this was done with only the knife, very good, very inspirational! <3