Sunday, January 16, 2011

January is half gone

What a lovely day... temp is 65 right at this moment ... very fine for January.

I believe in the three L's in the order they come up: Living, Laughing and Learning. I feel that these are the basics to life and if we are both living and laughing a bit it is so much easier to learn. There is so much to learn. Every day should offer at least one lesson either from experience or shared experience. I wish that people took great pleasure in learning and sharing what they learned and discuss ideas with others. It is super to get closer and closer to various truths about life and even less important truths about life. How challenging to be open to the possibility of unanswerable questions. How great it is to keep an open and searching mind. When I feel this happening in my life I feel like I am looking out towards the stars and infinite space. Awe and fear are there, but also the riches of curiosity and adventure.   Morgan Green ©

This is the other monochromatic gesture portrait from Wednesday live model sitting.

Oil on canvas panel 9x12

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