Thursday, January 27, 2011

All it takes is courage

Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace.-Amelia Earhart

School is wherever a person is.... it might be in a building ........ but more than that it is more likely to be in the mountains or a valley .... it might be in the streets of a city .... it might be among the trees or fields of flowers ... it could be on the sea shore .. it could be listening to other people talk and thinking about what they say..... it can be in books or DVD's ........ to study, listen and learn is your option ... it can be done anywhere.

I have great respect for the folks who sit as models for the Portrait Society of Reno..... They must strike a pose ... remain there without moving for 20 minutes ... then they get a 5 minute break .. then it's back to the pose .... this routine goes on from 9 to 12:30. Sometimes they stand... sometimes they sit... either way it seems like a very difficult task to me. Hat's off to those folks.

Paulette posed for us this week. She made her own 1930's dress and decorated a hat to fit the period.

oil on canvas panel  9x12

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