Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Portrait Society Meeting

Many people have great ideas. What doesn't occur to many of these people is that they can turn some of these ideas into great realities.  -Morgan Green

Today was another meeting of the Portrait Society of Reno which has been meeting non-stop for about 50 years ... it was my first time attending .... very informal ... 9 to 12:30 ... a live model ... arrive; set up your easel; paint ... that's it. Today there about a dozen people .... last week 5 artists ..... sometimes only 3 and once last year 1 person :-)

Live models present their own challanges. The artists attending painted in wayer color, oil, colored pencil and pastel. I used oil and as you can see below one was monochrome and the other was a very limited palet. I did 3 gesture paintings ... 2 here and maybe the other later.

Turn your dreams into realities.

Oil on canvas panel 9x12

Oil on canvas panel 9x12

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