Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Fun

I love the Summer time ... I hope it lasts a long time :-)
For the past many years we have had sunflowers in the back yard and they bloomed in July... actually I think they lasted all Summer but I know they were there in July.
Here's my thoughts on the sunflower in the back yard.....
9x12 Acrylic
 ... sun's now dipping behind the High Sierras and the light is changing so I will finish this tomorrow ... probably only need the stems... we'll see

This week I did 3 sketches of Brad's back yard looking out at the lake....  and 3studies of a High Sierra Lake ... the 16x20 oil on canvas is still in process .... I keep seeing things I want to add or improve.... but I think I like it.
Every day it seems I get out for a bike ride down the lonely country road ... sure is peaceful out there.... each trip is a little longer in distance ... I'm working up to riding completely around the west side of the valley ... I'm taking my camera 'cus there will be some gorgeous sights to capture out there.... will be scouting out plein air painting locations.... I would like to get out there and paint while the summer weather is here.
Hope you are getting out in the sun a little, too.

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