Sunday, July 11, 2010

Biking on Sunday

I've been out biking nearly everyday for a while .... get the heart racing and then cruise for a bit ..... most days it is a short run.... today, I rode north all the way to Davis Creek,
It is a beautiful day in the Valley... I'm not the only one that agrees with that... there were at least 50 other bikers up and down this ol' country road......... wonderful to be able to get out and enjoy the sunshine ... my tan is doing fine.....

Right up the road a couple miles is the historic Bowers mansion .... a big deal in it's day but surprisingly small compared to some of the "McMansions" of the current real estate folly...

This will be the next stop.... Davis Creek..... but I'm not going in because big John and his wife are stopping by this week and we are all going there together..... I can't wait....

this is the hill I see out my window every day .. every season .... every evening ... and it is a major landmark when heading south on the old highway

Typical view of the route I trave heading north

Biking south

From the old highway looking south-east there are grassy farmlands and some with natural cover

For those who have never seen a Nevada covered bridge we got'em ... ok.. so it ain't very old but I like it anyway .... old - new ... we enjoy then all ... I like old and young folks too :-)

View from Davis Creek Circle ... there just are no bad views from this neighborhood

Bike riding and walking in the Summer sun... what could be more enjoyable

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