Monday, July 5, 2010

Stickin' 'Round home

Well here it is already... the birthday celebration of the good 'ol USA. bombs bursting in air.. millions of cars on the road... planes loaded... Bar-b-Q's smokin'.... watermellons cooling and the the beer caps poppin'..... me?... I'm at home on the ranch doin' just fine thanks.
This is a 9x12 preliminary acrylic sketch done on a canvas pad. The CVAA is having a painting project for the Sept meeting .... they  pass out a foto to each member who cares to participate and each of us paints an interpretation of it.

So I spurged and bought me a new car....... every one needs to experience a sports car before he gets too old to enjoy it .....

no... I lied.... look below and you will see Brad in his new toy ... mighty proud, too...... I'm gald he let me sit behind the wheel once... every one should enjoy a sporty car once before he gets too old to know what he's doing........... of course, we must take good care of our special toys..... notice he parks it in his living room :-)

For most of us we do not need to buy everything we think we need or want ..... there are other ways to gain good experiences.
Eat a little less than you think you want
Don't buy everything you want
Drink less than it takes to make you feel bloated
Keep in touch ..... visit friends and family... it will make life better.

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