Thursday, July 1, 2010

AZ to NV

It was a great visit in AZ but the time had come to return to NV. I was up early, packed and out the door. The day was warm and sunny, even early in the morning ... Phoenix was 115 that day... just as well I left :-)
Traveling across the desert was not all that bad... especially since Oly had got the A/C up and running... and it still ran fine. In all the years driving across the desert I have never seen it so green this time of the year.... it was quite remarkable ... almost made a body think he would enjoy living out there ... but not so fast... it was actually on the news, which stated the late Spring and the extra moisture had cause the phenomenon .... now look at the water level at Hoover Dam...Ooooooooo ... that is low. Someone is going to be screaming later on for water.
Hey! notice that new bridge in the background..... it's almost completed... amazing ... I can't wait to drive and walk over it (hope there is a pedestrian walkway)
Because the speed limits were raised the driving time was reduced... that was much easier on the ol' geezer and cut a lot of time off the trip. When I arrived in Wellington I stopped in to visit the Wrights for a few minutes.... always a pleasure..... and the tea and rest was very much appreciated.
Finally the day drew to a close with a magnificent sunset over the High Sierras and my ventrue ended as I pulled into the driveway exhausted and ready to relax with a cold drink.
......... but I will be ready to drive down to Phoenix again now that I know it is a one-day trip .... I might wait until cold weather to do it tho.

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