Thursday, July 1, 2010

Feeding the Chickens?

Haven't fed the chickens since I returned from FL ... actually I fed the ermine while I was gone...... Sneaky little guys ... read about them here
He weaseled his way into the checken coop and killed the hens. When Jim opened the door the rooster bolted out and refused to go back in the coop for some reason. He hung out up at Jim's house with his chickens for a couple days then disappeared. Jim had set out a trap to catch the goffers that were causing problems in the pasture but caught the ermine who was down there for his last supper :-)
Heh, heh... I will spare you the pictures of the inside of the coop that day.
Tomorrow I am having chicken for dinner .... no.... I did not save what was left.... it is organic chicken from Costco :-)

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