Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mixing water and oil

The first day in the Shasta area there were clouds everywhere but the entire sky was not dark clouds sun came out here and there ... but the clouds were definitely moving in. We all headed out to Louie Road, stopping by the old bridge to set up. Some of us had French easels and others had guerrilla boxes or the tripod field boxes. There were not 2 paintings in the bunch that were alike but they all captured the feeling of the spot we visited. No sun, really, but we had a great time. Here's what I got out of that spot:

Louie Road Meadow oil  9x12

This morning I had to run a few errands and deliver some paintings to the NAA (Nevada Artists Association - an organization over 50 years old) which is having their annual Nevada Day show. After returning I poped outside to paint a local scene in Jim's meadow.... the bright clouds moved on fast and sure enough, the rain started before I was finished so I ran for cover. It has been a great day.
By the way, last night there was a furious commotion on the deck outside the door here. The mild pussy cat that lives out in the barn hangs out up here often. I have never heard a peep out of her all this time ... but last night...WOW...such a commotion.... yelling and hollering and thumping and bumping ... not what you think either .... I ran for the gun and carefully slipped out the door. Whatever it was was long gone and I had the lights on outside by now. The cat was sitting high on the porch rail... I 've never seen anything like it in my life except in Halloween pictures... all her hair was standing straight up... no lie... it seemed like all of it... her eyes were very wide open ... she seemed to be frozen.. did not move, flinch or blink ( she usually comes right over when I come on the scene)   this was one frightened cat. So what attacked her?   We do not know ... but it was something shocking. I saw nothing, Jim saw nothing. We do not think the cat was hurt but she has lots more grey hair now :-)
Sorry, I got no pictures of this event for you.

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