Tuesday, October 19, 2010

End of the Season

Ahhhh, the end of the season is here .... the leaves are turning color big time now and the mornings are cooler ... nice that the mid-day is still in the high 60's.
Going out to lunch today with daughter #1 who is in town for a few days. While waiting for her to arrive I had to paint these sunflowers  which are sitting in a jar here in the studio. Might not get a chance to paint flowers in real life for a while  ..... unless there are winter flowers out there somewhere. I would grow some flowers inside but it seems something always comes up and I leave for a few days.... the poor things die of hunger and thirst while I'm away....tain't fair to them and it's too sad having to pick up the carcass from a premature death .....even if it is only a dead flower. I want to enjoy the bright shining life of the flower. Guess I'll just have to buy some occasionally.
This morning, early, I went out for a bike ride in the cool, crisp air. The shadows are different in the early morning..... makes the whole world look different..... and it's great to huff and puff in the morning air after a rainy night.
At least go for a walk today.... and sit down to think on the good things of like.

2 Sun Flowers oil on canvas board 8x10

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