Monday, October 11, 2010

Looking out the window

Some days it seems all we get to do is look out the window ... but that beats not beeing able to see out the window. Catch that view.... it's always great to look out there. Now what we're seeing is the last of Summer around here. The leaves have started to fall.... some of them... some are changing color and some are not. Some of the oak trees will take a while to change.... and it seems they only get brown but hang on the tree until next Spring when the new ones start to pop out. The sun is now moving fast towards the southern horizon making the shadows long and different. I'll be out there taking fotos and painting some of the changes beginning this week end. Today is interesting out there... mostly cloudy.... the foto was yesterday

meadow east of Mt Shasta City oil on canvas board 9x12
Another painting from my trip to Weed and Mt Shasta area

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