Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I love these sunny days

During the transition from fall to winter we always have some of these incredibly gorgeous sunny days .... actually here we have more of them than the blustery cold wet days ... ya gotta love it. Maybe I can slip out and do some plein air painting today.
Here is another view of the rainy days from last week. this was taken Sunday, one of the rainiest, windiest days we've had in a long time. Many branches blew off the trees and avery large cottonwood hit the ground during that storm...... the fact that they were loaded with leaves and very wet from the rain may have helped when the winds got up to 65 mph :-) ... hey, a little natural pruning once in a while probably helps. It helps us when we do a natural cleanse every once in a while..... try it once or twice a year.

oil on canvas board 8x10

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