Thursday, September 23, 2010

Week end in Siskiyou County

About 4 hours up thru the High Sierras and Lassan National Forest is Mt Shasta, Mt Shasta City and Weed. I lodged in Weed.... it's not named for what you think... nor is it named for any wild flowers or grass that we consider weeds growing along the side of the road ....... it was named after Abner Weed ... the guy who discovered that the constant movement of air and winds in the area would speed the drying of his lumber so he established lumber mills in the area.
The current mayor and city council have voted against "weed" medical dispensaries even tho they are in or close to one of the largest growing areas ... they did not want their town associated with "weed".... heh... as if it isn't :-)

Hey .... that looks like Reno's old sign that said "Biggest Little City in the World"

Part of the old downtown... but then, the old downtown is the only downtown .... I think there is less than 3000 people in the town of Weed proper ..... great to be in a small community

That's how close Mt Shasta is... maybe about 5 miles .... this is a side street right off the main street

One of the friendly folks in downtown Mt Shasta City ... he took the next picture.

There I am in the old downtown Mt Shasta City... see those old buildings across the street... a local tells me that in times past Yreka was the big city in the area and Mt Shasta city was... well, the play ground.... those old building behind me were the central whore houses for the area ... now one of them is a Christian book store....heh, heh.

Well that's it for the tour of the Mt Shasta area towns.... the camera was acting up so I didn't get to take the normal 100's of fotos ... I felt lucky to even get these ..... maybe I have it working again now... we'll see.

Feodor Dostoyevsky says...   Wealth is the number of things one can do

Well I'm definitely working on keeping life simple and uncomplicated with lots of things … Doctor Schultz says get rid of 30% of everything you have every year …. others say..... do not buy anything unless you are getting rid of something at the same time
Makes sense to me.......  now :-)

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