Monday, September 27, 2010

Leaves are turning already

Sunday was such a beautiful day.... I took off for a bike ride ... could not resist .....The freeway is about 1/4 mile to the east .... I have never biked down there ... there is an entrance and parking lot to the Washoe State Park right there ... in times past I have seen wading birds there... and pelicans that flew over the Carson range from California to live with us over here ..... of course, there are always the ducks and geese that land in the lake and in the ponds in the golf course nearby. I figured this would be a good visit... it was.... however.....

Our leaves are turning yellow already ... I love Summer.. it just passed too quickly ... Fall is wonderful also.....  I can't wait to get out there and paint the Fall colors. If the Summer shot on by and you did not get out there and do some of the things you dreamed of .... make it happen in the Fall. Life seems to rush on by just like the seasons... be happy now... do some of the things you desire now ... whatever your season .... look for the good in whatever happens... seek happiness's good for your health.

When peddling to the top of the overpass this view appeared.... my, oh my... where is the water?! Look closely... there it is WAY out there... that is Washoe Lake ... it has been all the way over to the freeway from time to time in the past .... it was up to that little parking lot last Spring.

Now.... as we leave the parking lot heading east this is it... That is actually the Virginia Range there in the background...... it runs from the Truckee River to the Carson River and forms the Eastern border from Reno to Carson Valley...... the water of the great Washoe Lake is just out behind that clump or trees ... I saw squirrels and birds when I road out there...... well, Winter will be here in a few months and the water will rise to fill the lake once more... the cycle repeats and there is water for the farms ... food and nesting areas for the birds and critters (oh by the way... the bear has been back... I think he is trying to claim our ranch ... he is leaving deposits near my deck and out in the yard in several places ... I haven't caught him in the act... not that I wanted that view .... he gets up too early. We think he is camping in the willows at the east end of the meadow). Finally,as the leaves turn and Fall slips in I'm getting out there to enjoy the great out-of-doors.

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