Thursday, September 2, 2010

Going, going .....gone

Some times in life we just plain gather too much stuff... not necessarily for wrong reasons ... it just happens. In this case I had wheels at several locations... but then as locations got consolidated there were too many wheels. These wheels I had for nearly 10 years .. went camping in 'em.. drove to Oregon in 'em... made trips to the Bay Area and Sacto .... and lots of local trips .... fun and utility.
So it came to be that something had to go ... the old aerostar got the short straw and I sat 'er out by the mail box with a sign... and advertised on Craig's list. I must have priced those wheels wrong 'cus someone came and bought 'er up right away :-)

Sitting in her final resting place

I'll take it ... I love that van, says Bill

Paperwork completed and ther he goes.... all smiles

Last view as she heads down the old highway ..... Strange, I traded a good van for some funny green pieces of paper probabl;y worth nothing more than a good wipe :-)

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