Saturday, September 25, 2010

Takin' a break

Sometimes paperwork just plain gets in the way of the important things ... like painting and hiking in the great out doors .... well, look who dropped in ..... so we took a break.. made a couple cheez burgers... had a cool one... then took off for the hills. It's always nice to take a break...especially when it seems there is no time for one. We took off up ito the High Sierras.... the are jsut in the back yard anyway... it's great. After driving part way up the trail,  we parked under a tree and headed upward on foot. There's nothing like a hike in the High Sierras to boost the spirits and fire up the energy capsule.
To help you project into the mood here are some shots ... let the imagination fly!

This may not look high but that light line near his elbow is Wahoe Lake... way down there! ... we are probably at  least at the 5500 ft elevation.

This is the top of the trail... someone bought the land and fenced it off... even put a gate with a lock ... well, it is the end of the day.. sun is setting ... so we will wait until the next time to go around the fence :-)

How can we not love the big tree country high in the hills... every turn of the trail is awesome.

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