Monday, September 6, 2010

Trail to the Forest

While I do enjoy good fiction I have not engaged in such on this blog.... but I might one day......
this is the tale of the trail.... the trail into the forest at Davis Creek Park ...  there's the sign right by the road..... there really is a Davis Creek Park ... right up the road from me about 15 minutes on my bike. It is Sunday, and John and Heidi have invited me to go hiking with them so I did not ride my bike to the trail head... hey, I might need all that energy for the hike.... no telling what type of grueling episode these guys will put me thru.... they are experienced hikers.

This is actually the entryway and road into the campgrounds and park. There is overnight and group camping plus picnic grounds hiking trails and horse trails ... quite a beautiful park situated at the foot of the High Sierras

Just so you know how I got there and that I was really there ..... I will more than likely return on my bike and do some solo trips with my drawing and painting gear.

It;s not what you think ... and I'm not starting to climb the tree either... John was taking a shot  so I ducked out of the way when he called to me I poked my head around to see what he wanted... that's it ;-)

This is John as we head up the trail thru the sage ... I love the smell of the sage when we brush up against it

Not all of the trail is thru sage.... we finally arrived at the part where the big trees live ... there is nothing like hiking thru the big trees... the smells...the sounds ... the .... can it get any better than this .... dream away you guys that live in the city .... and then figure some way you can get to the big tree forests

This was actually the trailhead .... out of sequence but I'm sure you don't really care all that much :-)

One of the spectacular views thru the trees with long shadows of the afternoon ... the hike up into the mountain side was so refreshing and with the good company it was all the better ... the fresh clean air made me feel so much better even tho I felt fine to begin with.

There was even a lake ... I was very tempted to jump in but I restrained myself this time

Altho this may look like a trail it is really a crystal clear stream .... we hiked along it for a while taking in the fresh air and the babbling sound of water rushing over small rocks and an occasional little waterfall.

After climbing up the side of the mountain a little we made our way back down, passed the rangers residence and on to where our cars were parked.
It was a grand day for all so we made plans to take another hiking venture somewhere else before this beautiful summer ends.

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