Thursday, March 25, 2010

Springtime in the Valley

The windows by the table face towards the East so from sunrise until late morning the sun comes streaming thru... it is so relaxing and cheerful to sit in the sun shile eating. So what's for lunch?.... crock-pot chicken soup... campbell's soup will just have to deal with it... I make my own. The Campbell Soup bowl is still fun to use tho.... hope they do not mind too much :-)


Yesterday it was 71 degrees ... ahhhh... Spring weather at it's finest ... then last night the wind howled most of the night.... the morning greeted us with a little ice and snow ... yup... Spring weather. the daffodils are in bloom.... the early flowers are such a delite. Some of the daffodils are already finished. The hollyhocks are sprouting up and the leaves are big and green already as you can see in the last picture. there's probably some mint leaves in there also.The white stuff is leaving and the green is returning. Can't blame Willie for getting out there and doing some plein air painting. Nice going Willie... jump start the season. Who is Willie? Good friend and fellow artist... go see him at

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