Saturday, March 27, 2010

The days are not all "work"

Friday Santos came over with his ladies ..... seems he is cleaning up the back yard and could no longer support so many of them so he brought some of them to me..... they moved right on in and seemed to enjoy the new home right off the bat.....

Some people are always so grateful they do everything they can to show their appreciation ... now isn't that just fine.... looka dem aigs .... gotta say, they sure tasted good this morning :-)

As soon as Santos left I headed for Gardnerville to the CVAA meeting ... opps ... got 5 miles down the road and realized that I rushed out so fast I forgot my camera .... well, to go to the Carson Valley Art Association meeting without my camera just won't work... I might as well go without my pants ... I turned the Sprinter around and went back ... it all worked out ok... I was not even late for the meeting.... and a great meeting at that ... go see

After the meeting Vickie gave me a reclining chair since I am still moving in and have very little furniture. ... that was very kind... a person never realizes how nice it is to have a soft chair to sit in until there is none in sight...... I get tired of sitting on a hard oak chair all the time... this will be a wonderful change.

Now it is getting late in the afternoon so I headed over to Kollina's house..... just in time for dinner  :-)
We had a good time... Justin was just back from a couple weeks in Africa... I got to see some of the pictures... and dinner was superb

Nick was having some digestive problems and thought the best solution would be a couple of blue blazers
Maybe not all natural remedies are the best right after dinner.

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