Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Zabrina Takes us to the Zoo

I love going to the zoo  .... yeh, the whole world's a zoo.. I know .... but the Phoeniz zoo is a special place. The kids like it too. There they get a closeup look at some rare animals that would be extinct if not for the zoo. there are some more common one hanging out there too. First we took the train ride around the park to get the over all picture .... then we walked. I tried to get lots of pictures but somehow many of those guys just simply refused to cooperate. I could have come back with 400 fotos of anal sphinctures of every imaginal size, shape and color .... not a pretty sight at all. so I was careful... really careful..... actually got some of the other end of the more friendly cooperative guys. See for yourself

We arrive at the park in late morning. Everyone is perky and happy and rarin' to go.

The ticket man inspects our pass and we enter the main gate passing the popcorn and other snack shakes making our way to the train station.

The emu didn't bother to acknowledge us ... he kept right on eating

Now this guy did act like he wanted to greet us with a big slobery kiss.

Kinda makes you tired just looking at this guy standing on one leg all the time.

I know I've seen this guy somewhere before ... just can't seem to remember ... did he make a movie with Clint Eastwood? ... or was it someone I knew in high school? ... or one of my Dad's business friends?

Luckily for you I am not showing those others who refused to face the camera.
Guess we better go... kids are fussin' for food..... everyone's tired of walking.... and we'll save the rest of the park for the next time

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  1. I think you may have seen that guy at Silver Falls, OR. He looks a lot like an art instructor fron NY. lol