Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's a beautiful world

Today the sun was shining all day ... I thought that meant it was going to b e nice and warm ... wrong......quite chilly, so I was bundled up real good staying warm.... but it was a good day.
I went on line to search for foreclosures, Repos and distressed sales (but flew right past all the "fixer-uppers"

Bob was very kind and offered this place as a possibility. Great place. Look at that view from the back deck. Dock and boat access right out the back door... who could ask for anything more?

Running around looking at properties has good points, too. Look at all the animals I get to meet! they all came running over to greet me when I came up the driveway. Made me feel very welcome.

This is the view from the house on 13 acres. How can we not like that?

From there we took the shortcut to Nice. This County is amazing. It seems there are no bad views from any angle.

Then the view from Nice.... nice, eh?
Of course we went on to Lucerne with it's lake front and high hills. Kinda like Switzerland over here ... but not quite.
signing off... from the back of my van
Best to you all

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