Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wandering on

The 26th of Dec is the day when millions of people return millions of gifts or trade off for somethinng they might like better .... you'd think they would be in the parking lot of Macey's, Sears, WalMart of some other mall ... but no... they were all out on the freeway. I saw them. 5 lanes of stop and go with spurts up to 20 mph. Amazing.
The slow cruize allowed me a magnificent view of the countryside and time to listen to someone read a book on a CD.
The morning started with an enjoyable fog which had settled in during the night, changing the landscape into the mystical dream world that fog always seems to do. Very captivating in it's own way.
After the traffic thinned out (in the Sierra Nevada foothills) the trip over the High Sierras was magnificent as usual. I thought there might be a little more snow piled up than there actually was but nevertheless, still quite lovely. No pictures of that... thought I would pay attention to the road instead of "drive and shoot"  :-)
After arriving in Reno it seemed there was 6-12 inches of snow everywhere glistening in the late afternoon light. Actually it was very frozen with packed ice everywhere. Those tire prints behinnd the Sprinter are where I got stuck. Had to go fetch some "salt" to melt down the ice so that I could get the van off the alley. Even with all that extra weight I just could not get over that icey spot.
Fianlly you see the destination..... Baron's house. I am nestled in here for a while...cosy and warm.

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