Thursday, December 3, 2009

Unocchio attends the Kung Fu class

It was another hectic day of running full speed to deliver kids to school..... return in the afternoon to pick them a little shopping at the local Fry's super market or buzz over to Trader Joe's for some fertile eggs and sprouted grain bread. Traffic is more intenxe now in Phoenix... the snow birds have dropped in for a few months .. AND... the holiday season adds more cars to the jam than most people would like to see. We had things to do so light or heavy traffic makes little difference... we just go do it.

Today after the school pickup we headed directly to the Kung Fu station. I know.. it's not called a station... but I did not know if it was called a DoJo or not...... the three muskateers di not know heh heh.. so I'm not along... the experts did not even know. Dosn't matter. It was the United Martial Arts Co.
Now the Mom comes into the room... she informs me that the studio is also called a "Dojo". Now we know.

There was a small goup of learners attending today... all very enthusiastic... all very excited to learn from the Master. The Master is quite a reknown Master so I'm told. the kids are fortunate to be able to learn from him. He seemed to be very patient as he guided the little learners thru the paces.
the Master and the instructor were very kind to me as an outsider and invited me to take all the pictures I wanted and to feel free to wanter about the very clean and neat studio to get a good position.
Soon the session ended... the students all bowed to the Master and we exited to go on to the next adventure.

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