Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wild Salmon

The other night we had for dinner a wild-caught salmon. Unfortunately we did not go out and catch it ourselves but second best we bought it at Raley's. The trip to the coast... the adventure of camping; fishing on the river or going out in a boat; the challenge of catching the fish and getting him back would all have added to the meal. So... in this instance... maybe it was wild man eating store-bought salmon.
We added to the meal fresh lemon.... just sliced it up and hand squeezed right over the plate..... then there was this one little slice left over. He was just sitting there as a fond memory of a delectable treat the evening before.

Lemons are good....... lemonade; dressing for salad; garnishment; lemon on fish; lemon and honey for sore throat; eat it straight; lemon and tea ... lots of good uses.

Have you had your lemon today?

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