Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I dreamed I was back in days gone by

My eyes glazed over .... the present moved into the back room of my mind .... I dreamed I was back in the days gone by... in those peaceful years when traffic was sparse ... before the blare of the TV ... prior to the din of the boom boxes and socially deaf zombies with iPods plugged in their ears ... when conversations and meals were not jangledly interrupted by cell phones .... then I woke up .... Dang! ...oh , yes... it is still 2009 .... I am still in downtown Minden when the old cars are in town. At least I am still free and still shotting pictures of things I love.

Dearm on ol buddy ... dream on ..... in sweet dreams you may find peace and tranquility ..... dream those pleasant dreams and the stress of today's world will fade like the fleeting clouds of smoke from the campfire. Ahhhhhh.... peace and happiness ..... may it find you all every day of your life.

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