Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Peach Time in the Valley

Well... almost.... it's peach time at Costco for us again this year... looks like ..... we had bushels of peaches on our tree this year ...... then they started falling off for seemingly no reason at all. Now we are down to maybe 10 peaches on the entire tree. If we get 10 plump, juicy peaches from that three this year I am going to be one smiling ol geezer. I love peaches. By the way, Costco got some great peaches this year. It had to be a wonderful season for someone. This is one of the 2009 crop bought at Costco. I surely did love 'em. Of course, that one is already gone. My shirt got soaking wet from drolling while I painted it. 6x8 oil on canvas board.

Go pick some fresh fruit for yourself.

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  1. My friend, again thank you for the kind words. Both my wife and I have missed your wise and comforting thoughts this week. By the way, if you want peaches come on over as I have a tree with the brances touching the ground with fruit.