Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tahoe Art League Meeting was Wed Evening

Once a month the Tahoe Art League has a meeting at South Lake Tahoe Senior center ... that does not mean it is just for old foggies ... that simply is the most convenient place. It is on the second Wednesday each month. Drop on by. :-)

The TAL is a very active group ... many shows and event and puts out a beautiful Artists Registry each year listing many of the members and an example of their work. Each month members bring in a piece of their work and their peers vote for the one the like the best. We never know what is going to impress our fellow members the most . This month my water color "Hybiscus and Lace" was selected for the first prise winner. Thank you my friends. I appreciate your kindness, friendship and support. There are 3 awards each month.. The piece will hang in the Local College library for the next month.
Today you see one of my impressions of a part of Carson Valley we enjoy each time we head up towards Kingsbury grade (SR 207) which is the only way up the mountain from this valley. There are others routes up but not from here. The scenery here is outstanding no matter what time of year. It is always a great sight. Don't just fly down the highway ... slow down a little and enjoy the view from where you are.
Oil on canvas board 8 x 10

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